Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow, What A Week!

So, we are doing well here - trying to clean things up a little bit. Mark is finally almost ready to sell his house. We met with our favorite realtor today - Cheryl. She seems to think the house has potential and should sell rather quickly. Who knows though with today's market.

I have been making cards this afternoon. Sometimes that's what I feel like doing. Carolyn talked me into !! ordering some more things from Stampin Up, so I feel like I better use some of the things I have.

I attended part of Marian Catholic High School's Operation Snowball this weekend. The kids were great and I think they had fun. I feel like the time I spent as Director of our Operation Snowball is one of the biggest contributions I have made to Marian.

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Susan Costanza (aka:SusieQScrapbook) said...

Cute cards & good luck with the house selling!